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Outer Space Economy is actively dedicated to the promotion of Space Sciences and Technologies through their research, development, and implementation. To facilitate productive, perpetual and profitable partnership, participants needs to have a common goal.

Outer Space Economy’s mission is to be a full participant and supporter for a robust in-space economy. In the near future, people of the Earth and beyond will become spacefaring societies, and we will support them strongly.

What we offer

To reach its goals, Outer Space Economy can publicize Private Companies, Organizations, Universities (Schools), Agencies and Civilians.

  • Because everyone has advantage to be known by others in the Space Industry, OSE accepts, and wants, an Exchange of Banner

  • The place available is related to the subject, but generally that could be placed on the Top, at the Left, at the Right, on the Bottom, and at different levels

  • Your Company, Agency, Civilian or Educational news can be put as ADD on OSE

  • OSE wants your Special Request for topics or News