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Credit: A.C. Clarke - Rama Created by Eric Bruneton Original video: http://ebruneton.free.fr/rama3/rama.html

Credit: Uzi Berko



Inflatable Module Habitat BA-330. Credit: Bigelow Aerospace

In-Space Habitat Concept near the Earth's Moon orbit.






More News about Habitats

Space Launch System (SLS) - Habitat Concept

The Skylab was a large single module habitat that provided about 555 m3 of habitable volume for about 49 metric tons (mt). This is similar to many modules on the ISS where ten times the mass at 450 mt resulted in less habitable volume at 355 m3. 

International Space Station (ISS) - Habitat Concept

Several ISS derived concepts have been studied to determine the feasibility of using existing ISS modules available on the ground or fabricating new modules of a similar size and design. Two basic concepts are presented here to illustrate the potential they have for Deep Space Habitats. All are at a vey high Technology Readiness Level (TRL) because they are highly reliant on exiting ISS technologies. 

Safe Haven Configurations for Deep Space Transit Habitats

The primary mass drivers for the safe haven were found to be in structures, avionics, and the life support system, which totaled about 3000 kg for a 30-day safe haven and about 5000 kg to 6000 kg for a full duration safe haven.

Videos about Building Habitats and Living on the Moon